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>> alysin: good morning everyone, etc. august a brand-new poll shows opposition to health care reform is on the rise in america. less is the president going to be a one term president if it means getting this passed. >> dave: a new audio of an airline pilot taking the air traffic control to please let passengers off that judge after being stranded on the tarmac for six hours. we will give you the passengers understandably angry reactions coming up next. >> clayton: hurricane built already bringing lots of rain. we give you the latest on the
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first of major hurricane of the season. our slogan this one comes from james in florida. from hurricane built to capitol hill, "fox & friends" made no show. >> announcer: is "fox & friends". >> clayton: look at the studio and look who's back. >> alysin: welcome back dave. >> dave: vacation was wonderful, therapeutic, beautiful weather, relaxing except for the fact is all parents can relate with your vacation with your two kids and three others, there is no relaxation. >> clayton: did you -- this is how gung ho he was. he went so far as to purchase a book that's optimistic. >> clayton: it didn't get cracked open because of the kids. >> dave: not until the plane ride home. i could do it through and you can read on the plane ride?
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>> dave: i got almost a chapter. >> clayton: we want to mention this. you know brian kilmeade listens to "fox & friends" regularly but he listens to it on sirius xm radio that is in the car listening to it or when he's working out. his not wanting us. just a reminder to us you can actually does have one serious and xm radios. ought to mention that. >> alysin: was a horrible attack in baghdad this week. 1000 people possibly injured, 100 people killed. did u.s. troops start to pull out of iraq too soon russian ark is this evidence of that? we have colonel ollie north on who has an interesting take on the violence that. >> dave: dr. mike is coming out what's he talking about. >> clayton: sudden infant death syndrome is a concern of experience. he will talk about it medical breakthrough this year that could help parents get a good nights sleep and prevent sudden death and ten syndrome a device equipped red pepper. he will tell us about that. >> alysin: it would really help parents. give them peace of mind.
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>> dave: we start this morning with continued health-care debate and it seems opposition to the healthcare plan is dramatically on the rise. a new poll out from abc news washington post reports that 50% of people are now opposed to obama's handling of health care. and the numbers once you look inside of them the numbers that are really slipping for the president that he has to worry about are the independents. they are falling out of love with this health care plan, and that's what he has to worry about. 36% support amongst independents for the president's current health-care plan. >> alysin: unit dropped 17 points. also, the support for the government run healthcare sometimes called the public option has also slipped and fallen off. it is gone from 62% in june to now 52%. >> clayton: the president responding this week to some concerned that this might be his -- while his only term as president. and secretary gives an
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interesting take on this at the press conference that president obama could be fine with eating a one term president. take a listen to this. >> i heard the president say that if making tough decisions and getting important things done that washington has failed to do it for decades, means that he only lives in this house and makes those decisions for four years, is quite comfortable with that. >> alysin: interesting that every now. >> clayton: the key point he was talking about amongst the independents is that how the democrats lost control of this debate right now? according to the cookbook will report to the independent point disapproval amongst the independents. this is one of the main reasons president obama won the presidency with being able to woo these independent voters. going into the 2010th congressional elections, if the
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democrats have lost that debate and are not able to move in that direction that's a concern moving into congressional elections see one isn't it interesting the president ran on change. people voted for him because they believed in his message of change. yet it is possible he has done too much change, when the people's comfort zone have allowed. had healthcare perhaps been the very best -- first on his agenda, maybe he would've had more support and it would have been passed by now or maybe having waited a year before he introduced it. but i think we are saying fatigue with government spending. after the auto bailouts, after the car, after the stimulus, after class for klunkers, people are getting nervous speech at forget the energy bill. that was another side of this. >> dave: he promised by partisan effort on healthcare in this country is increasingly divisive now. if you look at the poll we're talking about in terms of health care, it shows what percent of people strongly oppose it, punty 7% strongly favor it.
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that's how they measure the favorability of these things. how may people are strong in either corner and the people who strongly opposes them really are gaining steam. >> alysin: will talk about that. next we have an update for you on the horrible situation a month or so ago of the 47 passengers who are stuck on the tarmac for six hours on a continental airlines jet. they were on the plane for nine hours total. they ran out of food, water, the toilets were overflowing. it's been -- >> clayton: there was a total order flowing through. >> alysin: we have more information about what went on and what went wrong. >> clayton: window this morning and apparently the pilot was pleading with the gate to let the passengers off of the jet airliner. take a listen to some of the audio from the pilot sitting at the gate.
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see what unbelievable. >> clayton: the outrage -- this is what bothers me. no one is taking the blame for it, right, because all these people are sort of letting everyone else about all this. it turns out the national transportation safety administration knows it looks like the subsidiary of northwest , masada, the company that is a subsidiary of northwest -- delta now owns
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northwest -- the transportation report saying it is northwest because they technically aren't moved until the fall, but the reality is it was their fault because the gate attendant said -- didn't want to allow them to come back into the gate for security reasons. >> dave: it wasn't representative from masada airlines towing the captain they cannot take people off is if tsa concerns that there were security personnel. that is not the truth. >> alysin: have already been screened to get on the plane to begin with. >> dave: we're talking about getting off getting to the bathroom and getting refreshments when they said they could go for security reasons. that's incorrect. so these poor people suffered. coming up we would ask you what you would need in the passenger bill of rights. the situation has brought to the floor that we are in desperate need of a passenger bill of rights if you're stuck on the tarmac for nine hours. we will ask you if you think about. >> dave: to rick wright is no because when you know he is here early is a serious weather thing
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rick was here at least an hour at -- on ahead of time. i was astounded. >> rick: one thing as thunderstorms would through a november 3:30 am and i couldn't go to sleep. we are starting new hd graphics today for "fox & friends" which has no little excited and nervous, with some great stuff to show you later. i couldn't sleep. this is one thing hurricane bill last week we talked about the tropics very active with response we are looking at, this is the biggest one, this is bill got up to a category for now down to it category two storm and right there is bermuda and advocate howling from the storm. the majority of the lifetime of the storm will be spent over water and not be affecting any landmass at all. in fact we will talk what is going right in between bermuda and the eastern part of the u.s. this is the track of the storm. it pulls at the northeast potentially making landfall as a hurricane around newfoundland or
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nova scotia. the eastern seaboard will feel affects mostly in the way of some bumbling and punishing winds around the mid-atlantic hallway towards the northeast and is getting caught in his front or it one thing about this today, very heavy rain showers across the northeast. some areas saying 1-4 inches of rain bringing flooding and dishonest arms doesn't want to move further east because of hurricane bill. it's also going to keep hurricane bill from coming ashore. you'll see a lot of rain showers across the northeast, some severe thunderstorms, none of it is from bill will watch significant weather here see five yes, that might throw a wrench in the obama vacation plans. they are in the vineyard getting hammered by the rain. >> clayton: thank you, rick. coming up a developing story investigators shift their focus and the search for missing georgia mother. christy carlo delivered a week ago talking to her boyfriend on her cell phone. america's most wanted
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correspondent michelle joins us now. good morning to you. stephen good morning. ground searches of that investigation is still on. investigators are taking the lead singer receiving and their fielding about and going around. they still will go door to door if they have solid information that will bring them to a place where they can interview someone investigators have spent the last week and a half interviewing sex offenders. christie's former three husbands, also her current affront that she was on the phone with as she was exercising down a very rural road in georgia. there is bill. this is just north of atlanta. from what investigators tell us she was on the phone with her boyfriend when it was a struggle. a vehicle didn't approach her to get at that point she has been gone ever since. adult stranger abductions are very uncommon so tonight we, on america's most wanted, we will tackle this case and accepted it and you can only submit your tip
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it a.m. do i think it's much for the update. >> there's no exact word on who is behind the massive bombings in iraq that left 100 people dead and 1000 people injured. david pipers standing by with the latest. david, who did iraq is think is behind this violence? ; morning to everyone. the iraqi government says they have detained members of a baptist network, or to the former regime, and they were behind the attacks. he didn't give any information on what they did him a but they do say that these people were involved in the planning and execution of these deadly blast. but there have been rumors that it perhaps was infighting between the shiites and trying to undermine the blockade government but there's nothing to substantiate that either. back to you. >> clayton: thank you david pecker. we appreciate it. >> advocate colonel oliver north's reaction to this violence in baghdad.
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did we pull out of iraq too quickly or smart he will break it down for us. >> dave: cash for clunkers runs out of gas on monday night. straight ahead make the car dealer who dropped out of the program early. he will tell us a lot. she will get your layout. oxford style of. we will show you how to make the most... wine and food this side of the pacific or it. >> clayton: why? because it's hawaii's 50 or 30 ♪ bicycle, what are we waiting for? the flowers are blooming. the air is sweet. and zyrtec® starts... relieving my allergies... 2 hours faster than claritin®. my worst symptoms feel better, indoors and outdoors. with zyrtec®, the fastest... 24-hour allergy medicine, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. zyrtec® works fast,
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wanna be me right now. getting one. >> this is the best the story and the economy in the last six months and since president obama has taken office and we're thrilled to be a part of jump-started guarding the economy. >> dave: that was rated the secretary of transportation totting cash for clunkers but was the program set to end on monday actually profitable for car dealers. i'm joined by jim were some of the owner of the chevrolet in new jersey. he descended to pull out of the program early because he feared
7:17 am
he would not be repaid. good morning to you, sir. samantha morning. >> dave: on the appearance it looks as if you're turning down thousands of dollars. i pull out early? civic concern about being paid. there have been a lot of questions about when the program would end. we finally got the confirmation yesterday. >> would you say this is been a successful program which in the acid increased your sales at least in the short term or smart stomach absolutely, yes. >> dave: what would be your complaints than. >> administratively the execution was terrible. my staff has stressed that his contacts listed this morning at 130 we finished our last submission this morning. >> dave: that's because of a dramatic increase in paperwork? >> paperwork and a website that cannot handle traffic area so we were locked out of the website for most of the day yesterday to submit any clinton had left over. >> dave: you fear it will not be repaid. have you in fact been paid any of this money for all of the increased sales of smart.
7:18 am
>> not a dime. >> dave: how much we talking about? how much are you out? >> $60,000. >> dave: are you concerned these customers you have to turn away, are you afraid of the backlash putting this program early? what might have been if eternally these customers to make very concerned. in my 20 years in the business i've never turned business away. today will be difficult to define what will you tell them. >> we have all of the documents from our trade association saying we're on our own as a dealer if we take anywhere transactions. >> dave: there are rumors that they may restart his program. at a later date. what would in fact be your advice about how to do this right the next time? to make a controlled release. if we reach across the program was not sure that the website can handle the traffic, because that's been the most difficult part of it. and if there is money that's limited but set a deadline of when the transactions are going to and so there's not this
7:19 am
mystery and dealers are not feeling like they're going to be on the hook for all this money. >> dave: now, the government has actually said that he will be repaid on running, and you can in fact work on a deal for a car they don't have a lot, even used essentially vouchers. is that not a step in the right direction? smedley received notice yesterday that if submissions are not done by ap on monday night we won't get paid. >> dave: if the paperwork is not done by 8:00 pm monday night what happens? cement will not be able to submit any further transactions. the customers driving a car, we printed them the money, we will get paid. >> dave: ucr in a trade group with other dealers. others are angry the program ended so soon if you are pulling out early. don't contradict one another or smart. >> they do. but these dealer friends of mine are out more money than i am. so there are some that have pulled out before me. i just think a controlled introduction of this program and spread over time it would have
7:20 am
been perfect, it is far from perfect right now. >> dave: have skating the amount of klunkers to be turned in, and figuring out a more timely process for the paperwork would work for you russian ark might guess, some of the documentation that's required is not necessary. >> dave: finally, when you look back at this program, will it be a successful one or just a short-term boost. >> we will know that in the fourth quarter. if our businesses flat in the fourth quarter and will pull people had been was really that necessary c-5 jim, thank you, owner of nutley chevrolet, best of luck in the future if this thing is going again. >> just ahead we are tracking hurricane bill. we will tell you it's headed next. and it's every mom and dad's worst fear, sudden infant death syndrome. but now there's any way to protect your baby. while they sleep. we have that for you coming right up there you
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>> alysin: and it's 23 minutes after the hour time for medical relying. this is every parent's worst nightmare, sudden infant death syndrome, leading cause of death in the first year of life. new technology could give
7:24 am
parents peace of mind. dr. mike, professor of medicine at the university of pennsylvania is your charge was scenic good morning. >> clayton: a new device will help prevent sids and help parents get a good night sleep. what is this? some metadata attached to my diaper right here i'm a and what it is is a tiny device, and we fired it up and what happens is it monitors movement. all right. when there's no movement, let's do this, let's put it hear and just laid there. after about 15 seconds it will then fire breaks kind of stimulating the baby's stomach, and then five seconds after that if they're still no movement, then it sounds an alarm and many parents come in. now it is actually a cool little device. the problem is -- there is vibrating -- the enormous going to go. hear that? see why this is the problem with this. what if the baby is sleeping and not moving.
7:25 am
>> there is always breathing. the issue is the american academy of pediatrics in a journal article in the new england journal this past week, a consensus is that monitors are not proven to prevent sudden infant death syndrome. there is certain cases where the doctor will recommend a monitor, but if it makes you feel better, the bottom line here is check with your doctor to make sure they know about it and that's it. >> alysin: versus horrible drunk driving accident a couple weeks ago here in new york that's gotten national attention because it evil or killed and a woman was at the wheel. we now know there are statistics suggesting that more women are getting arrested and pulled over for drunk driving. what's going on? swaka river the commercial you come along with baby, what we think and the data is being accumulated, we think women are under more stress. it's more socially acceptable for women to drink. and that's what we think is going on. many women now are the major
7:26 am
winners in the family. a lot of stress. stress at home. we think that's probably. and alcohol affects women much more severely than men. member that. >> clayton: speaking of men and women what a fascinating story this week. this sprinter, the young south african women's sprinter, i can't pronounce her name, her gender has been brought into question. and trying to figure out whether or not she is a key or whether or not he is a she. what's going on. >> obviously, we don't know all the facts, but if she has a uterus, then i would counter as a she, and the thing is that she probably has, and i brought a model here. this is a kidney. a couple of the kidney is a gland called the adrenal gland. probably what happened is she has either congenital adrenal hyperplasia, or polycystic ovaries syndrome. those are conditions that lead
7:27 am
to excess production of androgens and testosterone and can really give an advantage to a woman. so when campus of the blood test figure it out? >> there are ways to diagnose it and ways to treat it. my understanding is she was raised in a very acrid area of the country, and so probably did not get a lot of medical care. as far as i'm concerned i don't think they should discriminate against congenital renal hyperplasia. if she is a chichi should be on equipment side of the fence. that's my $0.2. so i thank you for sharing it with us, dr. mike. >> always a pleasure. >> clayton: figuring out call from your personal collection. >> alysin: coming up with talk about increased violence in iraq. was this a case of too fast too soon as u.s. troops pulled out of the country? colonel oliver north is here to give us his take. >> first of all, rick is outside getting ready for a well cement more details coming up on
7:28 am
hurricane bill. no big threat to the u.s. but more exciting it's a lifetime. yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the statehood of lighting and the best chef, that can cheer to make us incredible spread are you be right back. (announcer) what are you going to miss when you have an allergy attack? achoo! (announcer) benadryl is more effective than claritin at relieving your worst symptoms. and works when you need it most. benadryl. you can't pause life. you all want to run your businesses more efficiently, so we've brought in a team of experts to help. one suggestion is to make your shipping more efficient with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. call or go online for a free supply and up to $160 in offers from authorized postage vendors.
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>> clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends" i'm clayton morris, alysin camerota and it breaks.
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we have a roomful of recorded. >> dave: it's a studio in hear. >> clayton: collective soul is here they will perform for us. they have a new album coming out next tuesday called rabbit. they've been playing. >> alysin: and sounding great. >> dave: it is rocking in hear. stick around at that. let's get to write correct me if because he very big weekend deal is coming, right wreck? >> rick: it will stay overwater at least until he gets to newfoundland or nova scotia. they will get a hit. the storm struck, winds at 105 mph sustained and it is taking more of a northerly track instead of a westerly track. that's end of the job it is expected to see it made. we see wind across bermuda around 40-50 mph but wakes up to their defeat area because the storm has been so long in the atlantic is pushing a lot of water toward the eastern part of the u.s.
7:32 am
we will watch some very big swells that will bring a lot of heavyweight action anywhere really up and down the eastern seaboard but later this afternoon waves will be heaviest from new jersey north up towards area of cape cod and the islands where they do have a tropical storm warning in effect. probably tomorrow we will see wind up to around 35 maybe 40 mph. the big story will be the battering waves across the northeast. rain across the northeast today. a front stalled out we will talk about significant flooding and understands across the east. that does not have to do exactly what bill. bill will stay offshore that's good news. back to you inside sumer thank you so much for keeping an eye on that, rick. >> this next order will not be a surprise to people who thought the obama administration objections much the deficit will be over the next ten years were too low. somewhere the congressional budget office. the cbo said it would be about $9 trillion over the next ten
7:33 am
years. but, the administration and the white house said that they thought that was too high. now they are adjusting their number. upward. >> dave: in march the obama administration said closer to $7 trillion. yet ask yourself does, when this news speaks out on a friday afternoon, what's the deal with that customer the president goes on vacation, these top early, snakes and news at 5:00 pm on friday. >> clayton: is 5:00 pm somewhere and 5:00 pm at the white house. republicans pouncing on president obama for this. he is spending way too much money to deficits are too high and this issue is likely to have found a fax on the congressional elections come 2010 but these cbo numbers were told in the early part of the year this would be budget projections upwards of $9 trillion over ten years. the white house said we will not listen to those numbers. now they're saying our numbers are more in line with what the cbo said it was changed russian
7:34 am
mark 77 was updated economic data. >> dave: they were slow to catch up. >> alysin: and slow to read the tea leaves of what this meant somehow they say there is new information, new economic data that made them adjust the numbers are poured by $1.5 trillion. but again this is -- this number of $9 trillion over the next 9-10 years is what people think slow down. the united states may lose it is called the top here aaa credit rating because the deficit is getting so high. so this is not good news for the white house. they are trying to downplay it. >> clayton: there is credit from china to. president obama also sang to be fair and balanced, he said of the next four years during my term i will cut the deficit in half. that's what is projections to our even though the numbers are trickling out. he keeps reader rating and reminding americans that he did inherit a $1.3 trillion deficit
7:35 am
from president george w. bush. >> alysin: yes but that still different than $9 trillion. markeys in there. >> dave: some good numbers. a ten month-on friday, 9505 so there's good news economically in this country. things appear to be leveling off in fact heading back up. >> clayton: everywhere there is a good notion like stocks, then the bond market is down. the bond market overseas is down and stocks are up. we'll get into those numbers coming up. >> dave: half-full. >> alysin: here are your headlines at this hour. federal reserve chairman, ben bernanke e. said the economy is on the verge of recovery. that's what wall street wanted to hear. the response in the street sent projections to neuheisel era. the dow went as they just said about 9500. her 90 points out consumers and businesses are still having trouble getting loans. >> while there are signs of
7:36 am
recovery in the sunny job market continues to be pretty grim. new figures show unemployment rose in 26 states in july. it dropped in just 17 states. in 15 states are not reporting more than 10% unemployment. though states are michigan, which leads the nation with 15% on apartment, followed by rhode island, nevada, oregon, california, south carolina, ohio north carolina tennessee indiana washington dc and illinois and georgia. by the way the state with the lowest on employment rate is north dakota at just 4.2%. >> a dramatic head-on collision caught on tape a pt cruiser was making a turn when it appeared into oncoming traffic, smacking head-on into a police car, oh my gosh. remarkably, no one was seriously hurt in his floyd county indiana crash. the driver of the pt cruiser was cited for failure to yield and a
7:37 am
wrong side of the road scenic new developments in the case of the runaway teen who left home because she feared punishment from her muslim parents after she converted to christianity. a court ruled that she will remain in florida until the custody arrangement is worked out. the 17-year-old from why that's a lot -- ohio is where her parents were killed or because of sharia law. she will remain with the foster parent until another hearing september 3. we have much more on the story with governor mike huckabee later in the show. those are your headlines at this hour. >> clayton: i do this on twitter people are responding, i think this is fascinating. i know alysin will have trouble with this. does beauty sell? that is, according to a new study when women walk into a store, when they see another beautiful woman in the store behind the makeup counter, behind a close encounter, whatever it is, if they see a hot attractive woman they're likely not to buy anything there because it is a
7:38 am
hit on their self-esteem. >> dave: they say specifically whether between 18-26 that have problem with an attractive salesperson. i could have counted the study. i think my wife walks into stores she likes to find attractive salesperson because you see the clothing there on some of it looks good and it, right question mark. >> alysin: absolutely. first of all this is a study out of the university of south australia. so i don't know what the record is for accuracy. but it is the opposite. when i see an attractive salesperson, i go what kind of island are you using. can you show me that? >> dave: that's what i've noticed. >> clayton: you are different than other women. you are definitely different than normal in because according to the study, you are, you are a weird not to and thank you. i think. >> clayton: according to the study of women are biologically competitive. and they have an inherent --
7:39 am
they might be nice to their face honey, how are you today, but in the back of their head, they are thinking of, i can't wear that she is wearing the outfit. am i right? spelling you are wrong. it's a stereotype of women. not all women are catty backstabbing. >> clayton: is in the study. >> dave: numbers don't lie still and later on i will tell you about the most expensive pair of shoes i ever bought because of a tractable was wearing them. samantha is about to rick to see what's happening with the weather. >> rick: we're not doing whether we are talking food and hawaii. i've got to engineer. >> although hot. >> rick: you're going to lay me. nice in the morning good start. beth, you are the executive chef for hawaiian airlines. >> i am. >> rick: and nuance of the best restaurants in the state employee. >> i think so. >> rick: yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the state. >> with a great deal going on
7:40 am
called 50 for 50 years and the marriott and polite airlines have gotten together and they're giving away 50 trips from the west coast, airfare hotel food money, everything. i'm going to sign up for it. if you go to marriott , and it will tell you how to put her, they spoke all those things everybody's doing now. >> rick: let's eat tonight i'm making a shashimi pizza. we took adamant garlic olive oil mixed it all together and put on a little red cabbage, and we made a tortilla shell that has a little sauce on it which you use with you in sushi bars, and then we are going to put down some of his beautiful tuna which i hand carried all the way from hawaii. >> rick: you're telling me you don't trust it hear as much. >> is just not going to be as good.
7:41 am
and you can have that then we will put onion strings on top of it. and we're going to put a little of the sprouts on top of that. you can get this other restaurants. i have three now. i actually opened a restaurant six days ago in mali and here i am with you. >> rick: congratulations. i ate at a restaurant and is one of the best meals i've ever eaten. senator levine at. what else we have here, i'm going to put some sauce on this. is that a great piece or what? then we have coconut raspberry bars, and asian dispatcher with a spicy wrap, which is really good. and they salad that's a layered salad with a passion fruit figure out. you can get this -- you can get some of this on the airline, hawaii airline to fly to hawaii when you twitter and on and you can actually look at three different things every week. this is going on for weeks it's
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through the first week and of november, where people can -- it's a great deal. go to the website. marriott and book and sign up for it. you can when these trips is a great promotion because we need you all to come to it. it's wonderful it's three movies and lunch together. not a bad flight. >> rick: and a long nap cement this is my new best when new book, that's right into with what's happening today. it's about fast quick meals. families need to get back together and have meals together and again and none of this fast food, they are really simple recipes and there you go. you're doing just okay there. the crude they are like hanging over going we wanted to leave it >> rick: the folks on the couch and started looking forward to it. it probably be gone by the time you get out here.
7:43 am
but around. >> we are creating sirens is going to be so good. >> rick: accu guys inside. >> alysin: thanks, rick, thanks for bringing it into. >> dave: i'm going. >> clayton: we sent rick -- the police after his parole is out. to my violence escalating in iraq, is a time for u.s. troops to the back on the offensive? colonel oliver north would join us from dayton, ohio in moment. >> alysin: 18-year-old who isn't afraid of flying. even when strapped to the top of the plane. we will show you what we're talking about when you meet the tiger of the skies, and the mom to let her son do this for a world record. show and tell you weren't always my favorite day. with all the pet hair in the air, i'd spend class preoccupied, bothered by itchy eyes.
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>> clayton: welcome back to some friends. a wave of truck almonds left a lot of people dead and five other $500 for it. does this mean he was pulled out of iraq too soon? oliver north joins me from dayton, ohio, with perspective on this. good morning, colonel. >> good morning, clayton, how are you today? >> clayton: i'm doing well. a lot of critics on the conservative blogs on the far right are saying this is group, all this violence in iraq, that president obama was wrong. we should not pull troops out of iraq so soon. do you agree with that?
7:47 am
>> we have pulled out of the major cities and has been some slight reduction in the numbers of american troops. when he came into office we had 169,000 it's down to 145,000 and they have pulled back into major bases. the iraqis are doing a basic online security in both the cities and countryside today, but united states support for intelligence, airlift, logistics and the training and equipping of the iraqi security and police and military forces is also there. here is the real problem. we were going to have to pull out. success in this whole campaign ever since march of 2003, clayton, when i was embedded on the flight to baghdad, success was always going to be based on the americans leaving them in charge. was it too soon? i'm not sure that that's the case. i think it's unfortunate the central government with maliki has not been able to work out
7:48 am
some of these accommodations they need to do among the kurds, the sunni and shia, but too soon? i don't think so. they need to stand on their own. >> clayton: a lot of people say they government would've given them time. you are heading to afghanistan. afghanistan going through a round of elections there. very tight security concerns over bombings at election sites, taliband over those who voted. in fact going so far as to say they would cut off the limbs and figures with those with the proponent fingers after voting. crazy stuff in afghanistan. the illusions will be drawn toward the surge in iraq, the increased number of troops to give the country stability and the surge we are not using all these troops into afghanistan. is that a fair comparison to draw between the two countries right now which marked some i guess. the administration is not going to want to do this because they beat the living daylights out of president bush on the surge likely and in terms of the
7:49 am
elections. he lost the house and the senate as a consequence of it. it was a brave decision on his part to stick with general interest plan. they did a search and that's why we won in iraq are good look, iraq is not perfect. it is never going to be. afghanistan today, is the iraq of 2006. and i say that because i was there for every one of those elections in iraq. i will be in afghanistan next week. what you are looking at is a country that desperately needs to have an american surgeon and a nato surge as they are full partners that are unlike iraq. there needs to be a lot more afghanistan. to serve on the police and military. there needs to be time to be able to do that. i know this sounds like a record we broke out in a place called back that, but that's what has to happen in cattle. best of the reconciliation and reconstruction of those provinces or this will never work. >> clayton: kernel, please stand by because we will carry you over and have a discussion about
7:50 am
what you're working on. more on oliver north as he takes us into the deadly world of drug cartels. you will hear the shocking story straight from a 20 year in particular was a recruited cartel hitman as war stories investigates drugs, money and narco terror at 3:00 pm today. and what is up with sean hannity? we'll ask that next as well. $$$$$$$$$$$$$d
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> just a few feet from texas, were as is the epicenter of a vicious turf war that has engulfed mexico. rival drug cartels are creating a ham as they battle for control of classes or shipping orders straight into the heart of a miracle. their biggest customer. >> alysin: that was a little peek at the eye-opening special or stories investigates drugs money and narco terror. we're back with colonel oliver north who hosts the show. so colonel, tell us about this war. is it just between the drug cartels in mexico or are innocent people getting caught in the crossfire are smart. >> alysin, a lot of innocent people are caught in the crossfire. honest cops are getting caught
7:54 am
mexican army is caught in the crossfire and some americans, in fact two this past week. what is happened is the drug cartels, principally five of them have gone to war against each other in an effort to achieve supremacy over the mexican government. and president of iran called in the army for help. he is the same problem in mexico that president uribe has been fighting an columbia and all it has to do with cocaine coming into this country. >> dave: what is the united states doing through all this, what is our role in the war, what should we be doing? >> plan colombia is working. they're running a £.10 a night. they started at the top in colombia and work their way down. that has to happen in a texaco. the time they have for what's going on in mexico needs to be expedited. that means additional helicopters, more trainers, more equipment, more intelligent support for the mexicans american today. those initiatives have begun as
7:55 am
we show in this it can be affected -- effective but mexico is horrible to a narco takeover. you have more people being killed in mexico and in iraq and afghanistan together. that's a frightening prospect when you consider you can walk from the mexican border to america speech or you have an incredible interview with a 20-year-old. tell us about this. a convicted murderer who talks about being groomed as an assassin. tell us about this. to make this kid starts at age 13. at age 16 he is an american citizen recruited by one of the bloodiest cartels in mexico and he confesses to the fact that he may have killed -- he kind of lost count -- he may have killed as many as 30 in just mexico as an enforcer for the zeta group which is an enforcement operation for the biggest cartels. this kid becomes one of their lead assassins before his 18 years old. and it is a frightening exposition on the kind of violence all attached to the
7:56 am
money behind the drugs. >> alysin: kernel, with a great band in hear today. collective soul so we are rocking out in the studio. you also are going to cool concerts with sean hannity. what's this all about? >> alysin, where the last of it coming up tonight in atlanta. this is a great series also prolonged. entire month of august devoted to raising funds for freedom alliance and supporting the cause and giving scholarships to youngsters who lost a parent serving in the line of duty in the armed forces of the united states. we've been all across america are within a great win last night in cincinnati. we're about to go to the last one in atlanta. it has been a great uniform arrogance. every one a sell out and what a wonderful experience to celebrate america. >> alysin: what a wonderful cause. we see hannity and there. >> dave: imagine colonel north singing achy-breaky heart. just imagine that. >> clayton: with sunglasses on.
7:57 am
they so much kernel. >> i bless you guys. sue and remember everybody tune into war stories investigates: drugs, money and narco terror. it's hosted by colonel oliver north and it will be at 3:00 pm and 9:00 pm here on fox news channel. >> clayton: coming up, the aclu is at it again. this time a high school senior denied an opportunity to speak at graduation because of what she might say. not what she did say that. >> first of all, collective soul are forming either on "fox & friends" all morning long. >> clayton: take it away. singled out i drink the water from my hands ♪
7:58 am
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31 good morning everyone, it's saturday, august 22. at this hour cash for clunkers runs out of gas. it officially ends on monday. why is president obama calling is such a big success are smart with part. >> dave: hurricane bill bringing rain and creating your choice here on the east coast. will it make landfall? we did the latest details on wild bill's next move. >> clayton: he is the doctor warned seniors about the dangers of obesity from eating too many donuts. find out why he's being threatened with a lawsuit and even forced to resign. targets our slogan comes from steve in wilmington, north carolina area for those showers and split ends spend your morning with "fox & friends". >> alysin: we are like air conditioner. >> announcer: is "fox & friends"
8:02 am
see if i good morning to you all. thanks for being here this saturday morning, dave briggs, clayton morris and alysin camerota. i'm back from vacation good to be with you guys. >> alysin: you have not missed a beat. >> dave: gumbo and a little rest. >> clayton: people say i look totally white white pasty, people running it i haven't seen a week -- a ten week ago. what happened? we want to mention radio. >> alysin: speaking of getting out there, if you're heading out to run your errands you can still tune into is on sirius radio or xm radio as brian kilmeade does. i think he rides around for three hours. we are on television by the way. >> dave: we should call him. we want to talk about this runaway teen who has left ohio and gone to florida. she is afraid she will be an honor killing because she converted to christianity, and she is afraid for her life. a ruling says she can temporarily stay in florida. we will have her plea to
8:03 am
authorities and to governor crist as well. but why she does not want to return to her own parents sue and that's scary stuff. officials believe her story that she is in danger even though her parents claim that they have never threatened her. we'll get into that. >> clayton: let's talk about cash for clunkers. it appears as if it is finally at the end of its run. monday at 8:00 pm, asher fokkers will officially close its doors. the program has many accounts parallels as a success. but other accounts has been a bit of a pure product manner for a lot of people. many dealers are already pulling the plug on the program a few days early. but here is with rape of a led the success, about cash for clunkers. it's listened to ray. >> this is the best news story for the economy that's come along in six months and certainly since the time that president obama has taken office and we are thrilled to be a part
8:04 am
of jump starting the economy. >> dave: there is a lot of question right now and what clayton said we have to remind you folks events monday night at 8:00 pm. that only means dealers have until 8:00 pm monday to fill out the paperwork. you need to call your dealer today, find out if they're still accepting these traits, because allah are already out. we had a dealer here earlier said he is afraid the government will not repay him so many dealers across the country are pulling the plug a couple days early to get the 13 pages for klunkers paperwork filled out and to avoid these problems of not being paid back all this money spewing her the transportation secretary say this is been a wild success. look at the amount of applications that have been put in. the amount of money from the government that has been doled out on this. supposedly. but dealers feel differently about this because 80% is the estimate of applications that have submitted have been rejected. >> clayton: that number blew me away when i saw. 80% of these applications.
8:05 am
the other criticism is if this was the most successful of all of these stimulus programs are rolled out, that the government fuel than that, if the government can't manage this, they're website crash the other day, and according to the fox news channel website went down to mother clarify what happened. they said it didn't go down they had to reconfigure it but it was still there they just had to reconfigure it. president obama speaking on the radio show out of philadelphia said that this was a good problem to have very to listen. >> actually a high-class problem to have that we are selling too many cars to quickly enter some backlog in the application process. it is getting fixed. see ficus point is, he was across the country have sold thousands of vehicles they would not have otherwise have sold. some estimate upwards of 500,000 vehicles of insult, but only 7% of the money has been repaid to the dealers so they do have a beef in terms of how long they have to wait for their money. >> alysin: as with all things
8:06 am
government, they say the ticker is too complicated and the government is too slow to process it. the wheels of government don't turn as quickly as a dealer showrooms. >> clayton: when they want taxes and get that filled up fast and effectively they get that. >> are falling hurricane bill, and rick reichmuth is all over it. >> rick: it became a major hurricane this week. it is not a major and hunger it is a category two. the wind is at 105 mph. still moving around 22 miles the north in the northwest. we have about 400 miles to the east of cape hatteras area 500 miles south of nantucket. the official track has not changed five days for the storm. it's been consistent models of inconsistent and it will run right between bermuda and the eastern part of the u.s. probably make landfall around newfoundland or nova scotia. so the canadian maritimes need to watch it. we have tropical storm warnings for much of cape cod and the
8:07 am
islands. we will probably see wind tight end mark in the 40 mph wind but the big story is this latter being pushed into the area causing very big swells and that also means very good ways. waves probably 15-20 feet in areas and at times up to 25 feet it's a beta stuff the beach and in fact a lot of beaches will be closed today. this is what's happening. we have is a hit in the trough moving across the eastern part of the country. that has stopped the storm are moving closer to land. it'll slowly push it off to see that it will stop us from for moving anywhere. so this ran across the eastern part of the country, will continue to be here all day long today. it'll be severe and sometimes and some areas will see 1-4 inches of rain. the ground is saturated that will bring flooding. if there's a bright side to this , temperatures are warm, the 70s for your start in the morning, but today's highs across the eastern part of the country will start to cool down and there is a big in the jet
8:08 am
stream over hear across areas of the northeast and great lakes and we will talk about temperatures that feel like fall >> clayton: like the sound of that c-17 sounds good. >> alysin: i like summer. here are your headlines. at this hour rioting inmates torched a prison in central kentucky setting fire to several buildings at the medium security training center. officers used tear gas to get things under control. no officers were hurt. some inmates suffered minor injuries. the fire caused so much damage the prisoners are being bused to other prisons. the prison had been in lockdown since tuesday after an inmate assault snaggy families of victims of an 103 are planning to protest the release of the only man convicted in the lockerbie scotland bombing. libyan leader moammar cannot be believed visiting to give a speech area families are outraged about that. >> abdulla basset al degraw he was released from prison this
8:09 am
week because he has terminal cancer. he was greeted by cheering crowds and then met with about the. president obama said the warm welcome was "highly objectionable". >> new details about the cia terror investigations. according to a report the cia frightened prisoners with mock interrogators. i brought a gun and power drill into the session for the uss cole bomber. a gun was fired and room next door making a prisoner think someone was executed. this could open the door to a criminal case is threatening a prisoner with that is against u.s. antitorture laws. the full report will be released monday. after an aclu lawsuit. >> so far so good for the new slime -- like the vaccine. there have been no serious side effects in the first rows and children and adults. some adults did report a sore arm or that's common with any
8:10 am
flu shot. the trouser expected to continue for weeks. scientists are trying to figure out if one or two doses will be needed. but something is out fast. school is starting soon. >> clayton: guesser twitters on her beauty story two people are fired up and put it on the blog. >> clayton: get them up or it snatches a college student who believes the power of the government should never outweigh the power of the people, and she even made a t-shirt about that belief. find out what it says and why it is causing some controversy on campus. >> dave: collective soul has seven number one hits on its resume, and they are here performing live all the way all day. ♪ ♪
8:11 am
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8:14 am
>> alysin: we told you about the tensions over healthcare reform. one student created controversy over on because of a t-shirt she was wearing. >> the name is ashley kenney and she joins us from tallahassee, florida. good morning ashley. >> good morning. >> dave: shows the shirt, what is agreed and why does it cost controversy? >> the front has rip the constitution this is a quote by president reagan.
8:15 am
the one what sort of reaction has your shirt cotton? >> i first worked with tea party of course it was all support. these are people who think like me. i give it to jack kingston and the town hall meeting and the picture goes about his log. after that some loggers take it but upon a site and just attacked me. not anything political just personal attacks. >> dave: how do you feel that the constitution is under attack right now watching the. >> when i made this shirt, cap and trade, health care were were being pushed through. i felt smothered like the government. you can't know what's in either bill and diesel have an overwhelming impact on everyone of us. so i felt that the constitution is meant to ensure that the government is never greater than the people and i think the government is smothering the people. >> alysin: what you think about the catcher clunkers program or some we are curious because
8:16 am
attending on monday. some people say this is an example of how the bureaucracy can't even get something that's fairly small right. >> why would anybody want to put their life in the government's hands they can even run a rebate program. >> dave: tell us about what you do now with the shirts. will you continue to sell them and get them across the country throughout these tea parties that are still popping up this very weekend? state bank people are wanting them. i never intended for it to go this far. i never intended to make more than one order but we have a sign-up called matter now that organizer people can get them if they're interested. >> alysin: acid, if you feel the government is smug as smothering you, what's the answer for healthcare? some americans believe there needs to be healthcare reform. what would be better? can i find the complete answer to that i would be president. but there's always work on what you have. if you can't run for what you have, don't try to make it bigger. it's just so important to clean
8:17 am
up the mess we're in. >> dave: why are some people angry he made this t-shirt? >> apparently -- it makes him. i don't know why they're so angry over a piece of cotton, but i guess it just hit its mark i'm not forcing them to wear it. >> alysin: right. it's probably not easy to use him to take it in stride. how are you handling the personal attacks now? >> i'm okay. to read the -- the first attacks hurt. it would hurt anybody. but it means i'm doing something right. >> dave: i guess. your think if you get people to start up your doing some good. actually thank you for joining us from tallahassee. good luck with t-shirt sales. we know they will continue and what's the website on my time? semantics matter >> alysin: listen to the story.
8:18 am
good honor killings take place right here in the united states? well, a young teenager has run away from her home because of fears of punishment from her muslim parents because she converted to christianity. we have the latest details on her case straight ahead c-5 meet a former army doctor who said he was forced to resign for morning people about the health dangers of downing donuts. no joke. that story is coming up.
8:19 am
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8:21 am
in. >> clayton: will come back to our conference. twenty-one minutes past the hour. a doctor in florida was forced to resign after warning people about the dangers of donuts. dr. jason newsom and his luck from florida this morning with the details. doctor, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> clayton: donuts are unfortunately a staple of our show died. what exactly happened here is mark how did the story unfold a smart. >> it's nothing new for a public health official to find himself at odds with a powerful corporate influence or a powerful lyrical influence. when you consider that tobacco is a leading cause of death in this country and obesity is the second leading cause of death in this country, quite honestly if you're working in public health
8:22 am
and you don't have either the tobacco industry for the food and beverage industry or preferably both of them upset with you, then you are probably not doing your job right speaker you put up signs and angered staff members by taking donuts are the meetings. you also banned candy bars in the ending machines putting up units instead. what was the response from your staff? the macros of the staff was only onboard. there were a few people that would've preferred to have left well enough alone. but after all, this was the county health department, and we had to set an example within our own rules before my staff could go out into the community and try and promote health among the county in general. >> clayton: tried to do well by your employees, try to encourage them to eat healthy and to fried foods like this, and yet you are forced to resign. what's wrong with this picture was to mark. >> like i said earlier, i think what it really comes down to is
8:23 am
i was actually succeeding at my job. if you work in public health, and then again going back to the tobacco in the obesity, to be a success, you have to take customers away from the tobacco industry and had to take customers away from the junk food industry. that is really the core of what we're doing. and quite honestly, i was doing a great job. i was succeeding at every turn in my job. that got the attention of the -- of some people in bay county that didn't appreciate that. end result is i'm out. >> clayton: you served the eight years in the army, an army doctor and you served in iraq. use of these dunkin' donuts commercials and i guess that's sort of what cause of action. what did you see these commercials he thought was disingenuous? >> i'm 38 years old. i served nine years on active duty in the army. for anybody that has seen a commercial, it was a single uncle -- the for knows commercial was running three or
8:24 am
four months ago. it starts off with children sitting in a dimly lit family room, they're watching television, they're mesmerized by the light coming out of the television, they actually start to flow towards the tv like they're going to be sucked in like in poltergeist, and just a minute of time that comes from the corner with a dozen donuts, and rescues the children from the evils of sedentary tv watching with a dunkin' donuts. so the whole family runs into the kitchen, mom joins in, and now the family is happy and enjoying themselves. the commercial is wrong on so many levels from a public health level. childhood obesity in this country has tripled in the past 20 years. we are currently raising a first generation of children that's expected to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. this is solely achievable to the explosion of obesity in children and here's dunkin' donuts running a nationwide television advertising campaign not only targeting children to eat donuts
8:25 am
but tried to put forth the message that as bad as sedentary tv watching is, that somehow getting the family together around a table eating donuts is a better alternative. >> clayton: doctor, we appreciate you coming on this morning and sharing your thoughts. you are up against some tough fight. hopefully we'll see this through hear. thank you for joining us this morning dr. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me speak to a senior class president denied an opportunity to speak at graduation of the aclu because of which you may or may not say. governor mike huckabee weighs in on that debate. >> collective soul is here and they have a new album called rabbit there here to play us to break and play more. take away guys. ♪ ♪ also matter
8:26 am
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8:29 am
>> dave: here is your shot of the morning. it impressive. in the second when they wanted to set a record for firing the most fireworks and a herd the problem was most of them hard enough the ground after they were lit. some spectators said it looked as if the barge itself had caught on fire. it was supposed to be
8:30 am
spectacular, it turned out to be rather a dead. >> alysin: why didn't they go up in the air rushing mark. >> dave: i'm not a technician i just sleep at holiday express last night speaker explained his asked was, aerodynamics. >> dave: maybe rick reichmuth can. he knows all about this stuff. he is our chief meteorologist andy is here to tell us how you got. >> rick: it's easier to get up that many intimate if they don't have to go into the air. that's the science guys. this is bill. major storm this week, a category four on not as a category two and it is moving right between bermuda and the coast of the u.s. it will not make landfall here but it'll probably make landfall across the canadian maritimes maybe as a category one storm. a lot of energy is put is being pushed across the eastern seaboard. we will talk about waves 15-20 feet.
8:31 am
>> if you guys are ever out and you cannot get the information right away by watching tv, you have your iphone. there's a new iphone app from one of our affiliates in tampa, my fox hurricane it's called. you can go and click on your app and get offense of things such as the latest satellite imagery that you have your also the current track from the storm, and the kind of bulletins you have and this year i pulled up the 2005 history so you can get historical trends from these storms as well. i would point this out i thought searching, great iphone app, are you doing something right now? >> clayton: i'm downloading i thought searching. you, rick. i can't believe you are telling me about an iphone application. see when it's up talk... or you strange things are happening. look who we welcomed to the sofa >> mike: good morning. how are you guys watching mark. >> alysin: he appeared out of nowhere. >> mike: i dropped in from the ceiling.
8:32 am
>> dave: it's good to see you here. we know you posted already last night he did a wonderful job on the factor *speakerx i do very much. i think after the ratings plunged -- i haven't got the caution thing down yet. i am not able to do that. i'm afraid i'll get myself in the cheek when i walked by the governor's office yesterday he was practicing that. but in the meantime we need to talk to you about what's going on in florida. a very interesting case. the class body president, she was president of her senior class as well as the entire student body, was not allowed to speak at her graduation speech in first time in 33 years stewing because she was not the christian. >> mike: it's a preemptive strike against a person who is a person of faith, that is who she is, and it's like saying i'm sorry, her personhood is somehow inappropriate here. i am amazed. totally amazed by this. >> dave: shannah chance to talk to us on "fox & friends" this week, let's hear ray allen tell her side of the story to make
8:33 am
the way i understood it is the school board did this to keep themselves from getting into further trouble. because had i been able to speak at graduation night as planned, and i had said -- i prayed or talked about my religious values , a school board representative would've been responsible for coming up to me and physically telling me to stop praying. >> dave: what the system from? this is an aclu deal that they worked out. >> mike: it was a deal with the devil. santa rosa school district made it deal with the aclu because the aclu intended to a modem in court. it was costing a school district just tens of thousands of dollars. so this money instead of going to the classroom was going to the courtroom. so the district finally said we give up. let's make a deal. the unfortunate thing is that the aclu is able to sue to get its legal bills refunded when it wins cases. the deal is the santa rosa school district would not allow any religious expression. that they would have no prayers,
8:34 am
there would be no references to god. it is -- it is the most -- i'm looking at this and i'm saying what happened to my country? i thought we had a country in which the first amendment prohibited the government restricting citizens capacity to practice his or her religion. okay, i get it. if the school district was trying to push a particular region -- are the junkets, that's appropriate because that's government. trying to prefer or prohibit that's what you can't do. but if you give us together and say i am a student, and i happen to be a person of faith, the person i feel this is to say i don't believe in anything. that should be okay too. >> clayton: what would ms. allen have said that was a personal that she was a person of faith, how does that influence the other is eating. what would she have said that would've been so offensive -- mark. >> mike: that's just it. is it offensive to say i love jesus? maybe this to some. but it might be offensive if some other tickets... i don't
8:35 am
love jesus. don't want to teach our kids live in a country where freedom of speech, freedom of religion is a mental to do basic liberties and rights? of course we do. and that means that we should basically have government across unless the child says something that is threatening, unless the student says something that would somehow inhibit harm another person. >> dave: encourage unlawful behavior began as an appropriate >> alysin: that's not right. what else is interesting is she is the student body president. that means she won an election. people believe in her. they believe their skills and brain power. the fact that she was silenced and not able to speak since a message to all of the students there you i'm not sure what the messages but it is chilling. >> mike: the high school that we scored the touchdown and a point to have a -- i would've done it -- but you do cut off his finger and say you can't do that?
8:36 am
how hard is this nonsense go. this is idiocy, sheer idiocy. >> dave: the students actually started a prayer during graduation is the principle is speaking so they were heard. the aclu is on the hook. the santa rosa schools. is this a greater issue or an isolated incident speak unless i get ourselves. the aclu is waging an all-out war any expression of faith in a public arena. i think that they want people to practice religion as if it's something to be very, very ashamed of and private. it's ridiculous. i throw my hands. speaking of waiter hands in the air like you don't care. for this next door. a new study out, we want the governor's perspective on it because you've been married for a long time mac 35 years. fortunately, i knew how long. >> clayton: understudy out saying there is is good for your brain. that only women -- it is good
8:37 am
for your brain, is good for your heart and in fact that social challenges in every thing can be overcome by having a partner in life. he believed this summer. >> mike: yes, i do. we were designed to complement one another in america relationship. one of the things we need to remember about marriage and it shocks people, marriage is not an institution is designed to make us happy or let me surprise everybody. >> dave: don't they drive each other crazy russian. >> mike: the purpose is to make us holy not happy. we have to learn how to love. love is not natural to us. love is basically being unselfish. we are born selfish. in the crib we cry because what we want we want right now. that is our selfish basic inner nature. what love does true love, it has to be dealt, which means we learn how to be unselfish not selfish. marriage is not a 50-50 deal. it's a 100100 deal.
8:38 am
you give 100% of your commitment to your spouse. also you get it back. even if you don't commit because that's how you learn to love. if you love only when you are loved back and it's reciprocal, that's easy. when you can love, we are not being loved back, when it's not fun enough lesson, that's the real test of commitment. that's the real test of fidelity and when you look at a couple who has been married 50 years. they look alike, scary isn't it. you think he married his sister are smart but the point is these couples can finish each other's sentences. the bible speaks of marriage as the two becomes one. that does not happen at the altar. >> well, well, what's happening here. wait a minute. that is your wedding photo? >> mike: somebody -- >> alysin: all my gosh, the blue tux. >> clayton: is that james palin? >> mike: he is colorblind. you want a handsome couple.
8:39 am
but hey look, i have here then. and boy, what i love to have it back. >> dave: will be right back in a couple moments. the one we need to talk to you because of this incredible story the 17-year-old fears for her life because she converted to christianity. her parents are muslim. governor huckabee will stick around for that speed three strap yourself in for this one. and eight-year-old sets a record for when walking through one where artist grants? speed by -- the three they were with him. that is a pilot. see the minute.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> alysin: incredible story to tell you about. this 17-year-old girl is safe today, for now. a florida judge ruled she will stay in foster care in florida until another hearing in september. the team fled from her family in ohio during for her safety after converting from islam to christianity. mike huckabee the former governor of arkansas and host of the "huckabee" is back to me now she claims she was afraid of an honor killing. being the victim of an honor killing at the hands of her parents for converting. in this day and age this seems so impossible to believe. >> mike: it would be very difficult to believe in a culture of the united states. it would not be difficult and
8:43 am
cultures of the middle east parties and other parts. let me be quick to say there are millions of muslims across the world and not all believe in killing their children. it's very important to separate radical islam from really more of a traditional and very peaceful practice of islam. i think it's very important not to act like every islamic parent could on any given day take a knife and hack of a child. that's not what's going on hear. >> alysin: her parents said they don't believe in honor killing and they say they have never threatened her whatsoever. this must be a real pickle for the authorities in florida to figure out if she was a runaway and just wanted to come and go to florida, or if she is in danger. >> mike: if you are 17 years old and you want to get away from parents as you create the best barrier you can answer my parents will kill me because in our killing would do it. florida authorities have to take it seriously. the catch is it's a kid talking. at the center back if something happens, then they will really
8:44 am
feel horrible about it. seems a lot in ohio, state law in florida, we have parents rights and children's rights this is a very complicated case. the implications are much larger and it's very important they get it right. i think what they're doing is the right thing. that's taking it slow one step at a time. while the investigations of the child's home situation, see if there's any indication whatsoever that these parents have ever given indication that they are radical jihad is. you can't just go around st. paul, their muscle and therefore they're liable to kill their children. that's an insult to all of the muslims who love their children as much as i love my children suis also confiscated a cushy disappeared from her home in the police tractor basically using phone and computer records. she went to be with his church group the global revolution church who she met online through a facebook prayer group. all of this scares parents of teenagers because you don't want your teenager heading off to be
8:45 am
with strangers even if they are a christian prayer group. >> mike: a lot of things -- i don't know about this group someone say anything good or bad about them. >> lets face it religion is often used as a lure to say look, we really love you, we care. which his dedication arkansas where man will spend the rest of his life in prison, tony allow multi-horrible case there that's been nationally known. he sexually abused children, he used religion to take kids as young as eight, nine years old, married them. it's a horrible thing. so just because somebody plays a flag and says i'm religious and a christian, you still have to ask in what manner and how does that relate to you. >> alysin: the girl is in foster care until the next hearing on september 3. we know she is safe at the moment. this is really in the hands of governor charlie crist of florida, to decide whether or not she will go back home. here is his statement.
8:46 am
>> alysin: does it go far enough? >> mike: it's all he can set this point. the interests of the child is what matters but you can't ignore the parents rightly parents. if every time a kid doesn't like what's going on at home, by the way my parents are religious nuts and they'll kill me, yet most children in america because it invoked out with friends or use the computer and wanted too. >> alysin: but happens if authorities determine her parents are extremists at some level. >> if that were to happen she would enter the foster care and until she reached majority age and then she would make her own decisions through and that's scary stuff. >> mike: strange stuff. no easy answer here. none at all. >> alysin: i bet you're glad you're not the governor of florida this moment. >> mike: yes and given the economic realms i would be not happy even without this case
8:47 am
speed one who is profiting off healthcare russian ark michelle malkin has two suspects including people in the administration named after lord and gives. unit recognize those question marks you explain. >> alysin: is breaking records on a wing and a prayer meeting eight -year-old tiger of us guys who enjoys fine but on the top of airplanes. not in the seat. show and tell you weren't always my favorite day. with all the pet hair in the air, i'd spend class preoccupied, bothered by itchy eyes. but now i have new zyrtec® itchy eye drops. it works fast, with just one drop, to relieve my itchy eyes from allergies for up to 12 hours. no other allergy itchy eye drop works faster or longer. which is good, 'cause there's a lotta paws to shake.
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8:50 am
>> dave: this young man is eight years old fine 1000 feet above the ground. it's tiger brewer who has just become the youngest person to ever win the walk. the young brit completed his goal. was he the least bit scared? you would think so. >> clayton: eight-year-old tiger brewer and his mother, zoe join us live from london. good morning to you. >> at morning to make a morning. >> clayton: we're looking at that video. i would be absolutely terrified standing up there. were you the least bit scared on that wing? >> i was really, really, scared.
8:51 am
>> dave: zoe, a lot of parents this morning i watching this video saying i'm a white parent in the world would let their young son wing walk let alone at 1000 feet. what's it like for you as a mom watching your son do this russian ark. >> i wouldn't let him do it if i hadn't tested out and got myself which i had. so i knew it was 100% safe. i was still scared for him because he emotionally you are up there, you are flying like a bird, just an engine underneath you and emotionally it's a lot to take on. i was scared for him emotionally but technically i was 100% sure he was safe. >> clayton: tiger, take me through the process. i'm your eight-year-old friend right now. i call you up and say hey tiger, i'm thinking about doing this. tell me what to expect. take me to the entire process about tiger. >> as soon as you get onto the airplane you are about 20 feet in the air so you're scared them
8:52 am
>> clayton: so you're scared i'm doing then. what's the scariest part of the whole process? he stopped in or what? to make the scariest start would probably be when i stopped at my granddad asked me if i still wanted to do it. because then you have a bigger choice in front of you. >> dave: zoe, tell us how did he get into this? >> well, this is -- i've grown up with this all my life. this is my dad's job. he has a wing walking display team. so you know this is that i like so was only natural that tiger would follow, follow in the family tradition really. >> dave: is. >> clayton: we understand you're going for the world record, is that right, tiger russian ark to make s. >> clayton: is this a world record, but the guinness book of world records hasn't confirmed it, is that correct russian ark.
8:53 am
>> it's definitely a world record but dennis has to look into the safety of things like this, so they have to do some checks and things. whether it's a guinness world record or not it's definitely a world record for us for a person to do it the youngest before was 11. >> dave: tiger, most kids your age or on a soccer field may be playing rugby or foot of your wife be like when walking? >> you got to try everything once, right? >> at. >> clayton: we're looking at video of you, your hair is being blown back. can you show me with your hands in your cheeks with interface look like when you're up there question mark. >> like this is a bit but it is. >> clayton: that's exactly what i thought it would look like area. >> dave: zoe, what is your device to anyone who wants to pick up wing walking or if they
8:54 am
even want their young kate-year-old to try it? >> i think it's a great life experience to take on something you are afraid of. i think that will stay with them throughout life or had i think it's a great thing he has done and i'm really proud. >> clayton: all right, tiger. davis with your impression of your cheeks again here? >> dave: well done, tiger. >> clayton: tiger brewer world record setter with the wing walking attempt. an eight-year-old. thanks guys would appreciate it this morning. >> thank you smac thanks. >> dave: coming up on the show ran new audio released in the aftermath of a tarmac nightmare. >> dave: find out what else the pilot said to try to get the airport but those passengers off the plane after being held there for many, many hours, overnight
8:55 am
with no food or drink. >> clayton: click console has a new album on a tuesday and they are performing live for us all morning long. they did a show last night. these guys are troopers. ♪ as our conscience shows loco after slickness goes ♪ ♪ as art kindness is on ♪ hopes to be the son logo give myself a new car and ♪ ♪ on new york city ♪ i don't know why are you
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9:00 am
be is, august 22. at this hour in brand-new poll shows opposition to health care reform is growing stronger in the u.s. as a president willing to be a one term president if it means getting it passed? >> dave: it is the end of the road forecast for klunkers. the program will end monday night. if the obama administration program can't really rebate program is a safe preview of how a government run healthcare system might be run as well? >> clayton: the obama administration is set to introduce a new tobacco czar. do we really need a car czar? jonathan joins us to blow up
9:01 am
some holes in this idea. our slogan comes from linda in new mexico. box in france is the number one show for all the news you need to know. are glad c-130 for joining us this saturday morning. we just had a concert in here and that was fun. >> clayton: i talked to the guys from collective soul in the break room a few minutes ago and they just did a show last night. they got in at 2:00 am. >> dave: they got here about five am. >> clayton: they have been here and performing all morning doing not all rockers can do that. listen plus x. am radio or sirius radio. you don't need to stay glued to the tv. we prefer that but remember you can tune us in as you drive around. >> clayton: on that one answer not what was that? was that in d.? or was it an act? >> dave: was a good tease me wanting more and we will have more from collective soul coming up. we have the latest i show
9:02 am
contestant on the run. brown is a kernel profiler. we talked to her about the murder this man now accused of, the murder of his ex-wife, a former playboy centerfold. and the gruesome murder all the latest details on that coming up. >> clayton: this morning we want to tell you about an abc news washington news poll according to these numbers a little shocking. opposition to the healthcare reform is on the rise. look at these numbers. those who support president obama's handling of health care reform argument right now, 45%. opposition to that, 50%. support for the government run option, the public option, currently the most contentious element of this whole thing, as fallen from 62% on two. >> alysin: as you pointed out before, dave, support amongst independents is eroding because independents are the ones who often swing a president
9:03 am
over-the-top. independence were heavily favoring president obama and now it has slipped by did i say 17%? that's what it is. this is making people wonder if the president would only have one term instead of two terms because in his first 100 days it seemed like he was a shoe in for eight years. so the press secretary, robert gibbs, said healthcare is so important to the president, he is actually willing to sacrifice that. listen statement i heard the president saying that if making tough decisions in getting important things done that washington but failed to deal with for decades means that he only lives in this house and makes those decisions for four years, he is quite comfortable at. >> dave: these numbers indicate that to be a possibility. again, just 36% of independents actually support his current health care legislation.
9:04 am
that's a very small and shocking number. the other two extremes are those who strongly opposed the healthcare legislation. 40% of those who strongly favor, only 27%. and they are going in this general direction as well. he is losing control of this debate right now. it is getting away from the president and congress. >> clayton: what you do when you lose debates, you lose control? you had on vacation. before the present authentication hidden edges" this week. he said he believes there is a conspiracy out there right now among publicans to kill healthcare. but he believes that help -- republicans don't want a fix for healthcare, they would rather see democrats suffer, die on the line, lose the 2010 elections. to quote the president i think early on a decision was made by the republican leadership today, let's look him up and we can never replace a 1993-94 when clinton failed to one st. it would do this for clinical purposes, that the white house is taking, but speaking of 2010
9:05 am
the cook report, is widely read and respected prognosticator of future clinical things, that come out and said based on what happened right now. they believe in 2010, the democrats could lose somewhere between 12 and 20 seats. in the congress. so this is a riddle effect that a significant. >> dave: it could be major but it would have to be enormous to sway the majority in the house. i need to lose 40+. either way the president will still have votes in the senate and the house to pass this legislation. again the problem is not republicans. if he can get his own party in line he gets his thing past and that continues to be the problem >> are also talking this morning about new audio tapes being released -- america continental airlines jet, the express jet are smart. >> alysin: who could forget it. it's horrifying. >> dave: -- >> clayton: taking a flight stuck on me iraq and rochester
9:06 am
minnesota using a flying to houston it turns out your flight is delayed because whether you noninsulated distillate nine hours because ronnie tarmac and not allowed to go back to the security channel, go to the bathroom, get out of snacks and water of screaming and yelling, cats and dogs living together, we now know the captain of the airliner was taking with the gate to let the passengers off the jet. >> alysin: let's listen.
9:07 am
>> alysin: you can see how preposterous the pilot exodus. he is getting so happy. they were on a plane for nine hours with no food, no water, for herbal odor emanating from the bathroom which i find disgusting on a normal flight by the way, and the fact that no one was allowed to go back because of allegedly this kasava amateur presentative, part d, part of northwest, set for security reasons they could not go back to the airport. we now know today that was really is. there are no security reasons. his passengers already went through security around the plane. of course you can come back to the gate. this of course raises the question of whether with or not it's right for a passenger bill of rights define their voting on that in the fall. what would you want and that passenger bill of rights? you among us than six hours on runway without food and water
9:08 am
and were trying to figure out who is a claim here. -- continental wants off the hook. the airport may have been involved in planning and rochester and as he said this other airlines. can you imagine if there were children on this flight? forty-five minutes or kids are losing their minds to one horrible. one of the things in the passengers bill of rights might be if you are stuck on the tarmac for three hours, they must bring you back to the gate. three hours is a long time but still much better than being unemployed for nine hours which is what they're on for their total time you get hear stretch our legs on the couch doing it at source. >> clayton: i get deep vein thrombosis. sometimes i get into little flexner walked out now like to walk over to the weather center sometimes just as he already is doing. the weather center stretch my legs. >> alysin: he is taking a lap see fabulous i reckon.
9:09 am
>> rick: is more exercise than you got in the last week. >> rick: i was a lap and a half. speak you don't push me right. maybe next weekend. >> rick: this is hurricane bill, a major hurricane not category two storm running out of time to strengthen because once you get 100 miles north or cools down so has no mark territory working continue to strengthen. it doesn't matter at this point we dangers the waves coming across eastern seaboard and that's because it has been so long at such a strong storm all that water continues to push up. this is the track of the storm is the storm it takes his job was to get this far north latitude the stars deflected the east and probably will make landfall proser nova scotia may be the canadian maritimes. this is a look at it. it is kind of stuck because we have is cold front is trying to move through across parts of the eastern seaboard and it is getting stuck because of the
9:10 am
storm. that means heavy rain today will fall across eastern seaboard. some places up to 4 inches. that is what talk about pretty significant flooding from this. behind this finally we will see some temperatures that will calm down a little bit and humidity will dry out for the east and that will be welcome. today just into the 70s across areas of the great lakes. only 91° in phoenix, clinton. they're getting a little rant so that's much better. tomorrow back toward 96 and he is toward texas 104. >> clayton: up we are seeing fall factors not? >> rick: and about two weeks we will change. where did summer go next weekend across the northeast that will feel like fall. >> alysin: all in all. >> clayton: i'm excited for that. >> rick: i into. >> clayton: i remember early so i held on antenna design the president tries to push through health-care reform. our members of his administration actually profiting from that plan?
9:11 am
michelle malkin says yes. she gives us her take next. good morning michele, with you at the moment someone first of all, collective soul is with us this morning on "fox & friends." they are our house band. let's listen. suzanne show and tell
9:12 am
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9:15 am
good system. michelle malkin, author of the
9:16 am
new book corruption along is textbooks she surprises in your times bestseller. good morning, michelle. >> good morning, dave. >> dave: tell me about this link between david axelrod and promoting the president's health care plan. >> by way of background, david axelrod is one of barack and michelle obama's oldest chicago produced. he is known as the master of astroturf in. the idea of creating fake grassroots to build the illusion of support for policy initiatives. and his former firm is called akp message and media. he founded it in 1985. he was the president, the sole shareholder, and only this past the summer did he step down to take his role as senior advisor to the white house. now akp deep message and media along with another obama strategist, pr firm called the gm m.d. nailed contracts worth a
9:17 am
total of $24 million to push obama care. and who is funding these anti-tracks, big pharma. the pharmaceutical companies. the evil drug industry that the white house has always accusing up funding the opposition to obama care. and i think there is a clear conflict of interest here, dave. because there is david axelrod, is out on the hustings, pushing obama care at the same time that his former firm is of course raking in this money. and at the same time, that this firm has hired and employs his son, and at the same time, that david axelrod is owed to million dollars but they are currently paying out in yearly installments of the six figures over the next three or four years. >> dave: does david axelrod stand to continue to make profits from this promotion rushing mark i know you say they owe him $2 million. will he continue to see money in the future?
9:18 am
>> although, they both have a vested interest in obama care passing, obviously. if david axelrod was not pushing this plan, there would not be contracts to be handed out to these pr firms including his old pr firm. and the other thing of course is that akp d. continues to brag about its founding father, david axelrod. if you go to the website is featured prominently with a quote that says -- that talks about change, and the themes of the barack obama administration. both of those pr firms have a lot from the backscratching and influence peddling that goes on in these industries. and it really is about the hypocrisy and the sanctimony of this white house bashing its opponents as being corporate shills on its own administration is full of them. >> dave: is once again about transparency. we appreciate michelle. she's back with us in just a moment taking on the idea of a tobacco czar.
9:19 am
do we really need a czar to get cigarettes out of the mouths of smokers -- mark. >> we'll look at what's coming up on the cost of freedom business blog. >> haggai's good morning. catcher klunkers ends on monday. the government still can't get the money out. if it is having trouble a $3 billion program, how do you think it'll handle a $1 trillion health-care overhaul? >> at wal-mart just put this whole debate to rest with a new free-market fix? and then cash for caskets? state and local governments use taxpayer dollars to pay for public generals. why some in hear say that's a great idea. >> forgot to panels, the health-care bill could bring fast panels to america. what you will eat what you will way we will -- will be watched. second my stomach and as i say that. the cost of freedom blocked kicks off the top of the hour. see then. (announcer) your doctor knows tylenol doesn't interfere with
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so take care while driving or doing unsafe tasks. common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and indigestion. you deserve better than to always be compromised by urges and leaks. ask your doctor today about taking care with vesicare. >> clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends." add another side to the list. dr. lawrence dean was named to the new macros are. only weeks ago the pentagon went to great lengths to regret our soldiers from working at our president is having trouble smoking himself, lies the need for massive regulation? see what we're back with michelle malkin laxness sugar and author of this book.
9:23 am
base for sticking around. the czar was passed with getting more people to stop smoking, what can be wrong with that? >> the tobacco industry is already one of the most regulated industries in the country, so they push from the democrats to open up even more opportunities for meddling is really quite appalling and i think it critical. because i think the person that they really needed to get for this job should have experience as a tightrope walker. at the same time that they're trying to get people to stop smoking. of course the government relies so heavily on tobacco tax revenue to fund all of their programs. we just had a fashion as chip expansion, expansion of this government program to provide children's health insurance for an increasingly middle-class people. and that was a $.61 a pack hike. i huge am a massive hike. the biggest we've seen.
9:24 am
and that came just after barack obama said he was not going to raise taxes on people make less than $250,000 a year. it's one of the most aggressive texas and i really would like to see how this dark sour is going to continue telling people they can't smoke and then build all this revenue at the same time. >> clayton: what strikes me michelle has a look at this, the tobacco czar under strain there is setting standards for tobacco products, reviewing applications for new and reduced risk products, and forcing advertising restrictions, this is all health-related. is that not the job of the surgeon general? why do we need this guy? >> in fact as i said, it is one of the most regulated industries not only is there the surgeon general but you also have the fda. this is a separate office. it is called the center for tobacco products. and you have a guy who has no experience in manufacturing cigarettes and tobacco products
9:25 am
was going to be telling people what they should put in those tobacco products. and it is just another example of the big government. one more czar as you mentioned, and the habit chapter in my book that talks about this upwards of 44, 45 with unlimited powers and very little if any congressional oversight and accountability. >> dave: might this have something to do with the health-care legislation and try to push through? try to get people off scirrhus while passing health-care legislation? >> like i said, the relationship there is the same time he tells people to quit, all of the democrat overlords are relying on these people to continue smoking. i mean that's a big paradox here. that's the big irony. and this all comes at a time when smoking rates are actually dropping and cigarette tax revenue is dropping as well. >> alysin: certainly you're not
9:26 am
suggesting the democrats want to keep people smoking, but why but while they're collecting dust while they're smoking they're collecting taxes from it a. >> i'm not suggesting that i'm asserting it. that's what happens. you see what happens when a hike these massive taxes, of course people stop smoking. >> dave: michelle mock up -- malkin authored a new book and it's in the new york times bestseller. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. good morning, guys. >> clayton: coming up, her candle burning lots of rain. we're tracking its path and we have the very latest. she wants an interesting guidelines for college students when it comes to preventing the sign flu. yes, those are people who are making out of talking at the same time. but we will tell you what doctors now say they should be doing while making out. >> dave: astray passionate speed-reading onto one of them? so i'm now desperately get in. no. what record?
9:27 am
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(announcer) for a free trial offer, call 1-800-4-boniva. seal hunt welcome back. mesa joining us. clayton morris, alisyn camerota and dave breaks we are welcoming back from vacation. we are reunited again. there is a lot of weather happening around the country including hurricane bill that rick lucas keep an eye on.
9:30 am
>> rick: continue on your vacation last week not to sleep. >> dave: was going to say i went from sunny whether to what we're having your. >> rick: there were big swells and honor cross the turks and caicos. i don't know if that's really announced where you were. >> dave: that's where was my friend c7 hurricane bill is moving north and then off towards the northeast. that's good news. not going to make a direct impact at least to the us-led said the canadian maritimes probably dealing with a direct impact from it. nonetheless a lot of water has been pushed up across these areas of the northeast and that will cause some very big ways today. we'll see ways 10-15 feet around new jersey towards the north carolina coastline. much of long island 12-18 feet. we'll see ways a size 22 feet across areas of the cape cod and islands. cape cod and the islands to have tropical storm warnings in effect right now. probably be seeing wins tonight and tomorrow around that for a mile per hour range. probably not a lot of rain from his older rain will be on the eastern side of the storm.
9:31 am
we will see rain across as their information on that stuff out. the biggest concern from bill are the waves which will after the beaches. a lot of beaches are closed. today he had to stay out of the water because of major recurrence and there will be beach erosion. when this is done on tobacco look at it and see what kind of damage is done she typed up to a server? >> rick: is something i say no, stay out of the water. surfers are like all right, i'm going in. if i that's what they do. >> rick: i've seen beaches closed and they say they will arrest people if they find them in the water. if these beaches are closed. >> dave: are not advising it. she wanted president does body surf, we have seen those bathing suit shot around martha's vineyard. president obama please stay on the water. soon after our headlines. primary results from the afghan election are not due for two more weeks. both president hamid karzai andy challenger abdulla abdullah are
9:32 am
claiming victory. india gets 50% of the vote will be a runoff in october. both candidates assured officials that will respect the results of the official despite fears of ethnic unrest. >> new developments in the case of that runaway teenager left home because she feared punishment from her muslim parents after she converted to christianity. while court has ruled that the girl will remain in florida in foster care until a custody arrangement is worked out. the 17-year-old was from our house, says she is worried her parents will kill her divisive sharia law. she will remain in foster care until another hearing september 3. we have more on this ahead for you. >> meantime, the feds, decimates out about this investigation into michael jackson's death. it continues. federal drug enforcement agents just rated a really hills pharmacy. they spent five hours searching for evidence that the pharmacy may have illegally dispensed medication. this is the same pharmacy that sued michael jackson 2005 for
9:33 am
running up a $100,000 bill. that's hard to do a pharmacy, by the way. the pharmacy end up collecting a debt. because of jackson's death has still not been made public. >> listen to this around. there are new guidelines for sign flu. the centers for disease troll now recommending that college students who are sick should refrain from kissing. if they can't resist the kissing urge, they should wear surgical masks while smooching. some doctors have commented that the cdc may have good intentions but this may be extremely unrealistic. to make out while wearing a surgical mask. can you imagine? >> dave: how passionate is that? >> alysin: at a college bar who's that guy over there. with the mascot. he's cute but i think. speakeasy has been eyeing all night doing all i can see his eyes speak i can see his mouth.
9:34 am
>> dave: if only guys that demonstrate. >> alysin: i don't think that's necessary. >> clayton: is part of micheel the only way i will make out with alysin is with a surgical mask. soon that makes two of us. those are your headlines. >> clayton: we are following the story for you. it has been captivating the nation. it's more than a week since christy carlo went missing a lot in inner georgia neighborhood police are still not sure what happened to her. we know she disappeared while talking to her friend on her cell phone. they found a cell phone. background is a founder of the sexual homicide exchange and joins us from dc with the latest on all of this. good morning, pat. >> good morning. >> clayton: what we know about this case? we hear the boyfriend may be off the hook, is that right? >> we have not heard totally hideous. they say he's not a suspect because he was up supposedly in atlanta to ours away when talking with her on the phone. like i tell people, when you are an investigator yet to look at
9:35 am
all the possibilities. even weird scenario you can think of. for example where was he before he was in atlanta. was he actually enter tom? when was the last time she was seen rushing mark could have done something under the due atlanta leaving the body when i call you talking about when i call you toss it? that harm him? we haven't heard us exactly when was the last time she was seen. then i heard when the last time he was in her hometown. so he wasn't anywhere near her or she was seen five mr. portion of walking, then he is completely off the hook and this guy was talking on a cell phone this sort of thing no dong. >> dave: we heard from him earlier in the week. here is christy carlo's boyfriend. >> i have been talked, interviewed by several different agents with the gdi and the union county sheriff department. and i believe really from the onset that they knew because i was 2.5 hours away. they validated that on my telephone records and so no, i'd
9:36 am
never been considered, from my knowledge, as a suspect. >> dave: can make anything from his demeanor or the few words we heard from the cell phone conversation which is reportedly her saying don't take me, and that's it. >> that's what we all wonder about. people think that's kind of unusual that it's the only thing she would've said. he did say when asked him about that what you think was happening, he said i know it's real that's an interesting statement but maybe he was saying she didn't take it that she was really being abducted. when you look at any of these cases, what really happens is you have the behind the scenes. if i was working with the police department i would know all the pieces of information. i would hear every bit of his interview, i would know everything that's going on. what we get our bits and pieces and we try to guess what that is mean. right now the police are not having him as a suspect and they are looking at the says andrew abduction. >> alysin: pat, not only did that phrase "don't take me does quote raise eyebrows if some
9:37 am
people imagine if you're being abducted you would yell help, help, also the fact that her boyfriend didn't get hold of 911 he said that in answer, he called her mother instead. what does that tell you as a profiler? >> that's the one thing that did raise my eyebrows as well. one would think one would call 911 immediately even if not an area they will be chance for it to the right place. again in this scenario i presented you, that he didn't want his voice on 911. he didn't want his demeanor on 911 at the time because he wasn't supposed enough to do that. these are the little ferry set up your head, and yet to go then and scientifically knock down each one of these possibilities and find out whether it's true. i want to mention something about the technique. some people thought this is a runaway bride. she set this thing up and she saying don't take me so looks like she is saying somebody took her when she ran off. you look at that possibility. i put the abduction possibility out. if this car pulled up, and i
9:38 am
would think of it happened so quickly it would have to be somebody driving and there would be need to be one or two other people. it's possible in a car pulled up the people leapt out of the car and grabbed her so quickly and were pulling her toward the car that all she thought about was the take me because she knew this was happening. so we have to assume that the police are looking at every -- every one of these possibilities are working on them. >> clayton: we are following a case for you. pat, thanks much. because you are a terminal profiler and you know how the minds of people were, specifically i would assume how the mind of a lady works as well , we had a study we threw out earlier this morning i want to get your perspective on it. you can weigh in from a professional. >> alysin: this is a much lighter note pad. prepare yourself would never done this with you soon actually get out of the chair quickly? >> clayton: a recent study at the university of south australia found that women between 18 and 26 are less likely to purchase a woman or not salesperson at a store he found more attractive, was more attractive than they were. is there any truth to this?
9:39 am
alysin's been trying to shoot it down so when i'm debugging is the less he said otherwise, pat. >> i tend to think it might each route. yes. there is an ongoing thing between women that the one who doesn't think she is as attractive or as cool or as whatever, thanks how did this woman tell me what i should do. she thinks she's better than me i'm not giving her my money. >> alysin: pat, that's what the study says. i see someone more cool than me i think wu, which is a she wearing. where did you get those. >> dave: biologically competitive. >> there two types of women. different is that i never get jealous of a woman. if i found a woman with a fur coat i don't get jealous of her i go figure how the hell she got it so become her best friend and find out how she got that thing. that's what type of woman. the type gets jealous and runs away. >> dave: amy rosen churches is clicked and i'm at chubby gal who used to work retail. she said she also the other women she worked with my three times.
9:40 am
she said subconsciously women are less inhibited when they feel hotter. >> dave: i'm coming around on this alysin soon i totally disagree. that, the most extensive peer shoes i ever bought and you know i never buy anything more than $100 i don't live in the -- under 40 is even better. but it was in italy, because this very stylish, chic, beautiful saleswoman was wearing them. i said can you point me in the direction of your shoes? i still have them and i worship the shoes. >> that's because you're a strong and smart woman and you don't get jealous of other women each is find out a good idea and i can get a good idea to bring myself up so i shouldn't turn it down. >> alysin: i went through analysis, pat, you're obviously very bright. >> clayton: this one is an odd bird we can agree to maccabi profiled. >> dave: bats stay there. a reality charge -- start charging the murder of his bikini model ex-wife. he is on the run. how close are please to catching them?
9:41 am
>> clayton: collective soul is here they are about ready to release a new album. ♪
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> alysin: ran out of xander jenkins might have gained no night he or his stand on a reality show but that is not what is known for this morning. jenkins is on the run north of the border, please think, charged with the murder of his ex-wife, bikini idol just meant your rate. there in a all-out manhunt. what caused this man to snap question mark kind of mad mikey this heinous crime question mark
9:45 am
we're back with terminal profiler and author, pat brown. that this is a very ghoulish story is when police found a jazzman tra's body, her fingers and teeth were removed. the murderer probably thinking that that would keep authorities from identifying her. in your experience, what does that say about the murder russian mark semantics as the murderer is someone they woman knows, because he has to get rid of that identification because he doesn't want to be linked to him. the longer it takes anyone to find that body and if they do they don't know the body belongs to, it was to his advantage. he took her clothes off, removed her fingers to get rid of fingerprints, removed your teeth so they wouldn't be dental records. what he forgot about were her breasts. because if you look at her pitchers you know she has breast implants, and they're able to identify her by the number in the breast implants. if he had known that she would've a nature boy on a
9:46 am
founder. >> alysin: this isn't obviously just any sort of crime of passion to be able to methodically mutilate someone does that tell you that this person is in a different category russian mark to maccabi at, he is definitely a psychopath. that's take a look at a crime of passion which i never believed existed anyway. a crime of passion is a crime you are willing to commit under certain circumstances, it just hasn't happened yet. in other words it doesn't matter what anybody would do to you or me, when i went to pick up a gun and shoot them. other people say if my wife ever cheats on me and i am woman finder was somebody i will blow her away. that's the guy who suddenly has a crime of passion. this has probably sang if any of those women disrespect me walk away from a how dare they ever do that i will take care of them. get a domestic abuse past so we know he attacks women when he doesn't get his way with them. >> alysin: one of the highly unusual almonds of this case is that the suspect, this guy, ryan jenkins, was on a reality tv
9:47 am
show called "it's a millionaire. he was competing for this trophy wife. he was not one of the winners, but that has to help police that there is so much videotape of this guy already out there. >> absolutely. that's useful information because their vacancy at that video out and you can see how he looks and talks. my guess is if he is in canada and is getting smart he will do something to change those looks. when he is out there. but there are people have not seen this show so he is in a good place for running around and maybe if he gets all the money and if his parents don't help them out and get them out of canada to some country they can't extradite him from, he made his women, take that money and say hey honey, let's hang out together and you'll sneak into their lives into some little place anyone have a clue who they are with. >> alysin: pat, we always try to make these cases have some sort of wisdom or guidance for other women. what are some of the warning signs that this guy may have even exhibited on the reality show that women should run from
9:48 am
question mark ; this is funny because megan herself, on this reality show, when he took her on a date yuppies it was annoying her that she said that the good guys manipulating me. yes he was, he exhibits those psychopath behaviors. he thinks he is a narcissistic bases the cats meow, all women want him. he was trying to control the situation. women, when you meet a guy this is what happened with jazzman her big mistake. she meets a guy with money goes crazy shipping so my god is my look what this will do for me. just the thrill of the lifestyle gets you and what you can do for you, churchill take, the places you'll go, the parties would be part of, the jets the houses you forget to look at his behaviors you jump into a relationship. she jumped into that and was made in a day. some women, hold back rushing out with these guys, see if there are quality people and see if they try to control and manipulate you. if they do, you're in trouble. >> alysin: pat brown, thank you for joining us. >> nice for having me.
9:49 am
>> alysin: we are three days away from the release of collective soul's brand-new album. we talk with the band members about that next. first, let's hear some music. ♪ ♪
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> alysin: collective soul on a weighted ninth album hits stores this tuesday. this is their second south titles cd and have been here rocking out with us all morning. >> with us at rowan. they should join us. i don't i do it. assign it a show until 2:00 am then you're here to make a good one tonight before that and when the metaphor that. so how do you feel that great, thank you. speaking this is a self titled album with a rabbit on it. >> went back to being more of a bankrupt and in one room like we are here instead of dividing and spending too much time in the studio were recorded in my home. it was more likely as triggers in your parents basement.
9:53 am
sony rabbit you say is because you feel fertile? >> ask him i guess. i just -- i just had a new baby five weeks ago doing congratulations. so if you're a rock and roller who stays out all night because of playing and if you're up all night with the baby magnet in the mornings. not all night with the baby. i will do the mornings. >> clayton: you're going to play standout wants us about. >> i don't know. the words and arrived in a kind of made sense. so i'm not scared we'll tell you what we think. >> thank you. >> alysin: taken away.
9:54 am
so ♪ ♪ my pride i lost it ♪ give me some time ♪ i threw my bases down just to face them now local chicago again ♪ ♪ i want to please ♪ here i go again ♪ sweeter i dream pogo will hear again ♪ ♪ staring down ♪ looking around ♪ staring down ♪ and love is what i found
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♪ as cautious as a faith ♪ restless for all my needs ♪ you know i stand before ♪ all i know ♪ here i go again ♪ i wanted to be ♪ here i go again sleep life sleep ♪ ♪ the sweeter i dream ♪ its main ♪ i've been staring down ♪ will again i've been staring down ♪ ♪ and your lover is what i
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♪ long days local long nights ♪ just blinded but what was already inside poco now i found ♪ i found my way ♪ home ♪ i found my way home ♪ i found my way home ♪ i've been looking ♪ i've been staring down ♪ i've been searching ♪ i've been staring down ♪ and your love is what i found ♪ >> alysin: more right back. [ applause ] is sweet.
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>> alysin: it has been so cool to have collective soul today sang show here jimmy on the drums well on days and the rowan >> dave: groupies have changed over the years, but i think alysin had 30 days in the past. how have they adapted over time are smart. >> sra health-conscious world now. they bring water and vitamins. >> dave: bummer, dudes. >> their

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